Rental Purchase and Lease Overview

Benefits of Pecknel's Student Instrument Rental Purchase Plan

  • 100% of your monthly rental payment applies to purchase
  • Return the instrument any time with no further obligation - no minimum "trial period"
  • Payments stay the same every month - no sudden increases in your payment after a few months
  • Pay the contract off early for a huge discount - pay only 55% of the remaining payments
  • Monthly rental payments are designed so you can own your instrument in as little as 2.5 years, with the lowest possible carrying charges

Benefits of Pecknel's Step-Up and Pro Instrument Rental Purchase Plan

  • Same as above except a minumum 4 months rental is required


Benefits of Pecknel's Fraction-Size String Instrument Lease Plan

  • Available for 3/4 and smaller violins, 14" and smaller violas, 3/4 and smaller cellos, and 1/2 and smaller string basses
  • Start on the instrument size your child needs now and exchange it at anytime for a larger one as they grow with no increase in your monthly payment.
  • At the time your child needs a full-size instrument, you will receive 60% credit for all lease payments made towards the price of the full-size instrument
  • Return the instrument any time with no further obligation - no minimum "trial period"
  • Payments stay the same every month - no sudden increases in your payment after a few months
How to do it online
  • Under "Shop by Categories", hold your mouse over "Band & Orchestra Rentals" and select the instrument you're looking for. In each instrument's description you'll find, among other things, the number of monthly payments you can expect to see when the Rental Purchase Agreement process is complete. Fraction-size String Instrument Leases do not have a purchase option and are renewable monthly.
  • Once you've reviewed what's available and know your choice, select the instrument and choose Rent Item Now.
  • If you're creating a new online account, make sure you enter your e-mail address accurately - the order confirmation, additional details regarding the instrument you are renting, and updates to the Rental Purchase Agreement or Lease Agreement will all be e-mailed to you. It's important that you receive them! 
  • Read the fine print and click Accept - everything you read here will be e-mailed as well. The remaining details of the Rental Purchase Agreement or Lease Agreement will be e-mailed to you as soon as the order is processed.
  • Your shopping cart should now contain the instrument's associated first month's payment as well as the Student M&R and IRP. While optional, we strongly recommend all customers opt to keep these coverages. Either "Continue Shopping" to select accessories or books you may need or proceed to "Secure Checkout".
  • As soon as our credit department has completed it's review of your desire to buy an instrument on a Rental Purchase Agreement or Lease a fraction-size string instrument, you will receive an e-mail with more information. 
  • We'll contact you via e-mail or phone if we need anything else! Please make sure you provide a phone number that you can be reached at and an e-mail address that you can check easily and often.

Of course, all the instruments available through our rental purchase can also be purchased outright - simply locate them within the "Band" and "Orchestra" categories directly below the "Band & Orchestra Rentals" category. If you don't see the instrument you're looking for, feel free to give us a call at (800)868-2275.
M&R and IRP details