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Stefan Grossman's Early Masters of American Blues Guitar: Blind Blake
Stefan Grossman's Early Masters of American Blues Guitar: Blind Blake (AL-00-F3432GTA) The Early Masters of American Blues series provides the unique opportunity to study the true roots of modern blues. Stefan Grossman, noted roots-blues guitarist and musicologist, has compiled this fascinating collection of 16 songs, transcribed exactly as performed by legendary blues master Blind Blake. In addition to Stefan's expert transcriptions, the book includes a CD containing the original recordings of Blind Blake so you can hear the music as he performed it.

Blind Blake was the greatest ragtime blues guitarist to record during the 1920s. His guitar styles and techniques were unique, capturing the pulsating rhythms of the blues, ragtime, and jazz music of the period. His records sold well and were greatly influential on generations of guitarists. This collection presents sixteen tunes that will keep your fingers very busy. Sound, feel, and control over right-hand thumb are the elements of Blind Blake's playing that will demand all your attention and patience. Enjoy the wonderful songs, and good luck developing your "sportin' right hand!"

Publisher: ALFRED
Publication Date: 9/1994
Artist: Blake, Blind
Medium: Book & CD
Pages: 96
Series: Stefan Grossmanís Early Masters of American Blues Guitar
ISBN: 0739043331
Instrument: Guitar
Genre: Acoustic; Blues

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List Price: $22.99 Manufacturer: ALFRED
Price: $19.70 (Save $3.29) Model Number: AL-00-F3432GTA

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