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The Bluegrass Fiddlers
The Bluegrass Fiddlers (AL-00-19784) What a lively, dance-styled bluegrass piece for 3 performers on 1 keyboard that is sure to be a favorite in performances or to just play for fun! Written in C Major, in 4/4 time, with easily executed eighth note rhythms, this song also has a good mix of staccato and legato techniques, and a lot of contrasting dynamics, as well as a nice distribution of melody-playing between the performers, so that each pianist has his or her turn to "shine." A Federation Festivals 2016-2020 selection.

Publisher: ALFRED
Publication Date: 1/2001
Composer(s): Goldston, Margaret
Medium: Sheet
Pages: 8
ISBN: 0739018493
Instrument: Piano
Genre: Country
Level: Elementary

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List Price: $4.99 Manufacturer: ALFRED
Price: $4.27 (Save $0.72) Model Number: AL-00-19784

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