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Homework Tango
Homework Tango (AL-00-32835) Any child who has ever left his or her homework at home will relate to the lyrics of this charming piece. The melody of this 4/4 meter piece is divided between the left and right hands in the A section. The key of D minor is created with a hand position using left-hand thumb on Middle C and right-hand thumb on Middle D. In the B section, the left hand moves to D position, and the right hand takes over the melody. An optional duet accompaniment provides the rhythm of the tango.

Publisher: ALFRED
Publication Date: 6/2009
Composer(s): Rossi, Wynn-Anne
Medium: Sheet
Pages: 4
Series: Signature Series
Instrument: Piano
Level: Elementary

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List Price: $3.50 Manufacturer: ALFRED
Price: $3.00 (Save $0.50) Model Number: AL-00-32835

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