Idaho Gems [Piano]

Idaho Gems [Piano]


The four pieces in Idaho Gems capture the spirit of this northwestern state. "White Pine Waltz" begins with a delicate melody in 3/4 meter inspired by the majestic western white pine, Idaho's state tree. The piece builds to a climactic middle section featuring flowing arpeggios in both hands before subsiding into a restatement of the theme. The second piece, "Craters of the Moon," paints a picture of the volcanic landscapes found in the national preserve of the same name. A repetitive chromatic figure in the lower register is combined with dissonant intervals in the upper register to capture the eerie otherworldliness of the park's lava fields. In "Snake River Rag," chromatic passages wind their way across the keyboard, inspired by the Snake River's twisted path through the Idaho countryside. "Western Gem" provides a dynamic conclusion to the suite. The piece makes full use of the keyboard with block chords and scalar passages in both hands, while a modulation in the middle section provides an additional musical challenge.

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Catalog: 00-44336
Publisher: Alfred
Composer: Melody Bober
Pages: 12

Idaho Gems [Piano]
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