Fabulous Las Vegas! [Piano]

Fabulous Las Vegas! [Piano]


The five movements of Fabulous Las Vegas! each depict a well-known hotel in the famous city. "Mysterious Pyramid" uses abundant blocked chords, mostly in inversions, and repeating patterns to create a full, mysterious sound. "Memories of Paris" is a calm waltz that begins in D minor, then moves to the more cheerful key of D major. Chords in the left hand and a simple melody throughout in the right hand provide a charming atmosphere. The "Mighty Caesar" is a march with many left hand chords and octaves, multiple accidentals, and a majestic attitude. "The Gondolier's Song" is a gently rocking piece with repeated patterns and motions. Rolled chords in the second half create a grand feel, and a graceful lyricism throughout is attractive to hear and play. "Fountains of Italy" depicts sparkling waters with flowing eighth and 16th notes running up and down the keyboard, outlining 7th chords and their inversions.

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Catalog: 00-44342
Publisher: Alfred
Composer: Joyce Grill
Pages: 12

Fabulous Las Vegas! [Piano]
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