Requiem aeternam STB

Requiem aeternam STB


J. Christopher Pardini's Requiem aeternam is a solemn and harmonically engaging composition for STB voices with viola or cello and organ. It begins with an ethereal statement of the E minor theme with words from the Requiem Mass, first by TB voices and then repeated with treble voices. (One might consider using children's voices.) A viola interlude leads into the middle section in E major, where voices gently but insistently entreat God to shine perpetual light on the dead. The original theme, this time with voices at pianissimo, returns after another viola interlude. The viola takes up the prayer theme in the end, sparingly underscored by voices, and harmonies gently move back to E major to accompany the choir's final, hopeful "Amen." A substitute part for cello is also available.

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Catalog: 50-7085
Publisher: Morningstar
Composer: J. Christopher Pardi
Voicing: STB

Requiem aeternam STB
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