Look back on Time with kindly Eyes - Kevin Uppercue


The work opens with a sardonic take on the title line, the first reaction being one of malice towards recollection. The piece then transitions to a nostalgic perspective, as continued pondering gives way to softer sentiment and encompasses the climax of the setting. A long, languid section provides the ending material with an open-ended close in the piano depicting the dreamy haze of memory. The varied and thoughtful reading of the text yields varied textures in both the chorus and accompaniment, with each section of the chorus given equal measure. This work may be performed in conjunction with In this short Life (1.3562) to create a multi-movement setting titled Two Dickinson Poems on Time. Duration: 3:30

Table of Contents:

Catalog: 1.3563
Publisher: Galaxy
Composer: Kevin Uppercue
Voicing: SATB


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Look back on Time with kindly Eyes - Kevin Uppercue
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