Moonlight Sound Design - Raimonds Tiguls


The SATB version of Moonlight Sound Design was commissioned and premiered by the youth choir Kamer conducted by Maris Sirmais in Riga, Latvia in 2012. In the USA, it was performed by the Wartburg Choir conducted by Lee Nelson at the 2017 National Convention of the American Choral Directors Association in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Moonlight Sound Design is dedicated to my father who died by way of an accident. The title of the piece is inspired by the fact that the studio I have is in my father’s country house in an attic room, and the night moon shines directly into it. Moonlight Sound Design is here arranged for 3 or 4 Soprano Soli, SSAA Chorus and piano accompaniment. It can also be accompanied by Hang* (available as a free download, and adaptable to other instruments such as Guitar or Vibraphone). The piece should not sound sad, but rather ethereal. It is more about longing than sadness. To create a more ethereal mood, the soloists may be staggered throughout the audience, if possible. This will also provide more dimension to the sound. The Alto section should sing the pitches in bars 5–23 and bars 38–56 with a “didgeridoo” effect. *The Hang (pronunced ha? in German) is a musical instrument created by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer in Bern, Switzerland. Its name comes from the Bernese-German word for “hand.” The instrument is constructed from two half-shells of deep-drawn, nitrided steel sheets glued together at the rim, leaving the inside hollow, and creating a distinct “UFO” shape. The top (“Ding”) side has a center “note” hammered into it, and seven “tone fields” hammered around the center. -Raimonds Tiguls Duration: 4:10

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Catalog: 1.3564
Publisher: Galaxy
Composer: Raimonds Tiguls
Voicing: SSAA


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Moonlight Sound Design - Raimonds Tiguls
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