Maid of Constant Sorrow - Gwyneth Walker


A familiar American folk song is A Man of Constant Sorrow. Adaptations exist for a maid of constant sorrow as well. This is a very simple melody, placed in the key of C major. The message is a mournful one. The soul is troubled, and not at rest. “All through this world, I’m bound to ramble...perhaps I’ll take the very next train.” Then, later, “perhaps I’ll die upon this train.” Some comfort is taken with the lines “I know we’ll meet on God’s Golden Shore.” Approachable vocal writing with a gently flowing piano accompaniment. Duration: 4:15

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Catalog: 8216
Publisher: E.C. Schirmer
Composer: Gwyneth Walker
Voicing: SSA


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Maid of Constant Sorrow - Gwyneth Walker
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