Born in Bethlehem - Gwyneth Walker


“Born in Bethlehem” is a numbers song, similar to “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Each group traveling to the Nativity, or associated with Jesus, is presented in ascending numerical order, from one to twelve. [“One for the little bitty Baby…Twelve for the Twelve Apostles”] Once the complete set has been introduced, the numbers are performed in reverse order, in a frantic, prestissimo race from twelve to one. This is an energetic song! The Clarinet plays a featured role, enhancing the message of the lyrics. For example, the phrase “Children, go where I send thee” is matched by the Clarinet scampering up a scale as children setting forth on a trip. And the next line, “How shall I send thee?” has the Clarinet/children coming back down the scale, returning home. Duration: 4:15

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Catalog: 8794
Publisher: E.C. Schirmer
Composer: Gwyneth Walker
Voicing: SATB


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Born in Bethlehem - Gwyneth Walker
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