Cannonball S5-L Big Bell Stone Series Straight Soprano - S5L

Cannonball S5-L Big Bell Stone Series Straight Soprano - S5L

The Big Bell®, created by Cannonball® in 2001, enhances the ability to create a broad range of dynamics for a depth of the sound color and lower partials. The increased size also lends to a big, warm sound.


Semi-precious stones adorn the key touches, necks, and bell key guard (SC5 only) of the Premium Big Bell® Stone Series® Sopranos. These beautiful stones give the instrument a striking look, and are also patented for the way they change the instrument’s resonance


Our Big Bell® Stone Series® is beautifully hand engraved by our artisans here in the USA. (excluding ice finishes, ie. Raven®, Hotspur)


Each Big Bell® Stone Series® Soprano comes with two hand-customized necks: one straight and one curved (S5 and SA5 models), or two curved in different finishes (SC5 models). Each neck is adjusted for superior projection, rich tone, and precise pitch. Our acoustical technicians meticulously adjust each neck to perform optimally on the specific saxophone.

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