SoniClean Information and Pricing

"SoniClean" includes complete disassembly and cleaning of the entire instrument in our new 108 gallon Omegasonics 5224UW Music Pro Plus ultrasonic cleaning machine, oiling and alignment of valves, greasing slides, replacement of corks, felts, and water key springs as needed, reassembly, and play testing. Replacement of valve guides and valve springs (if needed) may be at an additional charge depending on model. "SoniClean" does NOT include dent removal, freeing of severely stuck slides, tuning slide alignment, trombone slide alignment, or the polishing of silver-plated instruments. These services, however, are available at an additional charge.

Our SoniClean process uses sonic waves to penetrate dirt, grime, and any oils that may affect playing ability to make it as fresh as the day it left the factory. 

Instrument Brass  Silver 
Trumpet/Cornet $89  $99 
Trombone, Standard $89  $99 
Trombone, F attachement/valve/bass   $99  $109 
Mellophone/Alto Horn $109  $129 
Euphonium/Baritone 3 Valve $119  $139 
Euphonium/Baritone 4 Valve $129  $149 
French Horn, Single $129  $149 
French Horn, Double  $149  $199 
Tuba/Sousaphone 3 Piston Valve  $149  $199 
Tuba/Sousaphone 4 Piston Valve  $159  $209 
Tuba, 4 Rotor Valve  $179  $229 


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