East Hall Middle School Instrument Rental Page

East Hall Middle School Instrument Rental Page

Instrument brands listed below represent your director's first choice, and we will fulfill on a first-come, first-served basis.

If we are out of the first choice, we will substitute with a comparable instrument that is also teacher approved.

To begin, please select your NEW or USED instrument below:

If you already have your instrument, purchase your accessories here

Select your band instrument

NEW Jupiter Flute - $33.99/Monthly

USED Jupiter Flute - $28.99/Monthly

NEW Eastman Alto Saxophone - $45.99/Month

USED Eastman Alto Saxophone - $40.99/Monthly

NEW Eastman Trumpet - $30.99/Monthly

USED Eastman Trumpet - $25.99/Monthly

NEW Yamaha Trumpet - $36.99/Monthly

USED Yamaha Trumpet - $31.99/Monthly

NEW Eastman Trombone - $30.99/Monthly

USED Eastman Trombone - $25.99/Monthly

NEW Mapex Drum Kit - $29.99/Monthly

USED Mapex Drum Kit - $19.99/Monthly