Step into the Pecknel Cool Room – where Greenville’s vibrant talent takes center stage in this intimate 17x10 space. 

At Pecknel Music, we have evolved with the changing rhythms of time since 1959. But, one thing has stayed the same, we want to help people play music. We've now embarked on a new harmonious journey. Our passion extends beyond instruments and gear; we are committed to amplifying the voices and talents of our local and surrounding area musicians.

In the heart of our beloved music store, the Pecknel Cool Room serves as an intimate stage for artists to share their stories and showcase their exceptional abilities. We believe in the power of music to connect communities, and we are dedicated to fostering a supportive environment where local talent can shine.

Through our carefully curated video recordings, we capture the essence of each performance, preserving the magic that happens within our walls. These stories are not just heard; they are seen, felt, and celebrated. Our commitment extends beyond the physical space, as we collaborate with artists to share their narratives on various social media outlets.

Pecknel Music is more than a place to buy instruments – it's a hub for artistic expression, a platform for local musicians to be seen and heard. Join us as we continue to weave the rich tapestry of our musical community, connecting hearts through the universal language of music.

Darby Wilcox

Stunning. Incisive. Heartbreaking. Her songs are places you’ve been before.

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Peter Dimery

Keeping it saxy with Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!

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Brother Oliver

A psychedelic folk band from Greenville, South Carolina performing "Motion Pictures"

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Cody Gentry

Born and raised in the Upstate SC, Cody is set to release his Albumn "Blue Ridge Gold on 5/31/24

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Brooke Ashton

Songwriter, Tree Lover, Music Makin' Mama! Enjoy "Mother Nature" by Brooke!

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The Ronnie Elliot Trio

A group of young men formed from the Greenville Fine Arts center!

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Brooks Dixon Band

Much like his hometown in the Carolina foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, the music of singer-songwriter Brooks Dixon represents a meeting place between the mountains and the sea. Incorporating Appalachian folk elements, and the jazz-blues-soul of the Carolina Piedmont.

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